MobiWeb VoIP Practice

  • MobiWeb Groups are multiple branches setup with AlienVoIP services. Inter-branch, state, country calling, seamlessly via extensions. KL branch can call Penang branch by pressing extensions, and inter pass phone calls.
  • Support calls passed from branches to support team seamlessly via VoIP setting. Calls from KL branch can auto-forward to Penang branch when no one is answering in KL branch.
  • Call out via the internet, and reserve Telekom phone lines for incoming calls only. Saving on phone line rental, airtime and do not limit by phone lines for concurrent calls.
  • Enjoy all the IP-PBX features such as call recording, call waiting, extension passing, add up to 100 extensions without adding hardware, and mobility.
  • Enjoy support from remote by MobiWeb VoIP technician.
  • DID numbers availability. World wide number can be forwarded to your AlienVoIP account, which is good to make a worldwide presence for your company.

Cost saving with AlienVoIP

  • Saving with cabling in office, do not need to pull traditional telephone cable, utilize the WiFi, and internet cable.
  • Saving for phone line rental, you can separate incoming calls with out going calls usage. Reserve phone lines for incoming calls, and use internet (VoIP) for outgoing calls.
  • Mobility and scale-able, A420 IP-Pbx support up to 100 extensions. You do not need to add an extension card for extra extensions.
  • Multiple features are available in IP-PBX, you do not need to add cards to get extra features.
  • Saving on maintenance, we can remotely do a setup, troubleshoot for your IP-PBX. Reduce on-site support which reduces maintenance cost.
  • Saving on human resources, maintenance by our team means you can have less headcount to maintain your facilities.
  • ne-stop solution from VoIP provider, IP-PBX, network cable installer are all maintained by us, reducing your problem of looking and coordinating with multiple vendors.

Top 5 Call Rates

Location Call Prefix Rate (RM / minute)
Malaysia - Fixed 603 0.10
Singapore - Fixed 65 0.12
Indonesia - Mobile 628 0.22
Brunei Darussalam - Fixed 673 0.12
Philippines - Fixed 63 0.59